Apple Loses Bid to Block Mass Lawsuit Over iPhone Battery Throttling

In a recent development, Apple faced a setback in its attempt to thwart a mass lawsuit in London, alleging the company concealed defective batteries in millions of iPhones by implementing software updates that slowed down their performance. 

The lawsuit, spearheaded by consumer advocate Justin Gutmann on behalf of iPhone users in the United Kingdom, received a favorable ruling from the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) to continue its legal course.

Gutmann's legal team contended that Apple discreetly addressed battery issues in specific iPhone models by clandestinely installing a power management tool, ultimately restricting the devices' performance.

 Apple vehemently countered these allegations, asserting that the lawsuit lacks merit and vehemently denying the existence of defective batteries in iPhones, save for a limited number of iPhone 6s models for which the company had already offered free battery replacements.

The CAT's ruling certified Gutmann's claim for further proceedings, but it also emphasized the need for greater clarity and specificity in the case before a full trial can take place. This decision marks a significant development in the ongoing legal battle between Apple and aggrieved iPhone users in the United Kingdom.

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