Samsung's Charging Speeds May See an Upcoming Boost Amidst Supplier Developments

In the world of smartphone technology, Samsung has long been a contender, renowned for its innovative designs and features. Yet, it has lagged behind its competitors in terms of charging speed, with its current flagship Galaxy S23 series supporting a maximum of 45W fast charging. However, recent developments suggest that a change may be on the horizon.

A tipster by the name of Revegnus, known for sharing insights on tech developments via Twitter, has revealed an intriguing development. Atum, Samsung's exclusive supplier of flat transformers for 45W chargers, has expanded its portfolio to include chargers with significantly higher wattages - 65W and a remarkable 140W. While there is no official confirmation that these chargers are intended for Samsung devices, the possibility is indeed tantalizing.

This potential upgrade in charging speeds gains further credibility when considering previous rumors. Samsung has been rumored to be working on a 65W charger, signaling its intent to catch up with its competitors in the fast-charging arena. Moreover, it's worth noting that Samsung also manufactures laptops, and the 140W charger could potentially find a purpose within this segment of their product lineup.

Samsung initially introduced support for 45W charging in its Galaxy smartphones in 2020 with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, since that introduction, the company has not made any notable upgrades to its charging speeds. In fact, the base models of the Galaxy S22 and S23 only support 25W charging, which falls short of what some users might expect from a flagship device.

Prior rumors had hinted that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series might feature 65W charging. However, it now appears that Samsung will not be implementing this change in its charging standard with the next iteration of its flagship smartphones.

Nevertheless, the fact that Samsung's exclusive supplier, Atum, is actively working on chargers with higher wattages suggests that the tech giant may indeed be planning to enhance the charging speed of its future smartphones. This development has raised hopes among Samsung enthusiasts and industry observers alike, as they eagerly await news of a potential breakthrough in the realm of Samsung's fast-charging capabilities.

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