Tesla Cybertruck's White Interior Option Unveiled Ahead of Delivery Event

As the much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck delivery event on November 30 approaches, the electric vehicle manufacturer appears to be fine-tuning interior options for its forthcoming all-electric pickup. Recent drone footage captured by seasoned Gigafactory Texas observer Joe Tegtmeyer reveals Tesla's experimentation with a semi-white interior for the Cybertruck, a notable departure from the all-black cabin seen in earlier release candidate (RC) units.

The video showcases white door cards and a partially white dashboard, providing a refreshing contrast to the standard all-black interior. While the interior design embraces a semi-white theme, the seats of the spotted Cybertruck remain black. This deviation from the Model Y crossover, which offers white seats, a white dash trim, and a white headliner, raises questions about Tesla's design choices.

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, has previously described the Cybertruck as a utilitarian vehicle, hinting at its robust and practical nature. Opting for black seats could be a strategic move to conceal potential stains and streaks, aligning with the vehicle's utilitarian ethos.

This recent glimpse of a black and white interior configuration is not entirely new. During Tesla's annual shareholder event in Texas in May, a visitor managed to access a pre-production Cybertruck on display, providing an up-close view of the electric pickup's cabin. The video revealed several interior details, including an updated steering wheel that blends a yoke design with a more traditional wheel.

This latest aerial footage follows a recent sighting of a matte black Cybertruck driven by Tesla's design chief, Franz von Holzhausen, at a cars and coffee event in Malibu. As the Cybertruck's delivery event date draws near, these interior experiments and public appearances continue to fuel anticipation for this groundbreaking electric vehicle.

Source: EVMagz 

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