Microsoft Introduces "Copilot Key" to Windows Keyboard in AI Push

Microsoft has unveiled a notable modification to its Windows keyboard, introducing the "Copilot key" in a move marking the first alteration to the device in almost three decades. The announcement on Thursday underscores the tech giant's commitment to infusing AI technology into its product offerings.

The inclusion of the Copilot key aligns with Microsoft's substantial investments in AI, highlighting the company's aspirations for AI-enabled personal computers (PCs). These advanced machines operate on sophisticated chips capable of running large-language models and applications powered by AI technology directly on the device, rather than relying on cloud computing.

Industry analysts posit that the integration of AI capabilities into PCs could play a pivotal role in revitalizing the personal computer market, which experienced a downturn post-pandemic. Research firm Canalys anticipates an acceleration in the adoption of AI-capable PCs from 2025 onward.

Microsoft has disclosed that the Copilot key will make its debut on select new Windows 11 PCs leading up to and during the CES technology trade show scheduled for later this month in Las Vegas. Following this debut, the key is expected to become available sometime after February this year, extending to upcoming Surface devices.

Introduced in November, Copilot is a versatile AI service capable of performing various tasks, including text summarization and facilitating virtual meetings. The service spans Microsoft's suite of web and productivity applications.

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