Real-World Test Reveals Tesla Cybertruck Achieves 20.6% Less Than Advertised Range


Automotive enthusiasts and electric vehicle (EV) followers have long been aware of the variance between advertised and real-world range figures. In a recent test conducted by Kyle Conner, the founder of Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channels, the newly released Tesla Cybertruck fell short of its claimed range during a five-hour live stream.

The test involved a Foundation Series dual-motor Cybertruck with 20-inch wheels fitted with 35-inch all-terrain tires. Conducted in Texas at night with an ambient temperature of approximately 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius), the EV was driven at a consistent speed of 70 miles per hour (112 kilometers per hour).

Tesla asserts that the dual-motor Cybertruck with all-terrain tires can cover 320 miles (515 km) on a full charge. However, the test concluded after achieving 254 miles (408 km) on the highway, representing a 20.6% deviation from the stated range.

Unlike some other EVs that have exceeded their EPA range estimates in similar tests, Tesla vehicles, including the Cybertruck, have faced scrutiny for not meeting their advertised ranges. In this specific trial, the Cybertruck's performance was evaluated with the AC fan set to Low, and the Autopilot advanced driver-assistance system was not in operation to minimize power consumption.

The outcome, while presenting a decent range, raises questions about real-world expectations, especially in varying conditions such as lower ambient temperatures or when carrying a load in the bed or towing a trailer. Additionally, standard driving practices, typically maintaining a state of charge between 20% and 90% to preserve the battery, may further impact actual driving ranges.

Considering potential factors, including tire selection, Tesla offers an estimated range of 340 miles with all-season tires. However, questions persist about whether this adjustment will significantly bridge the gap between advertised and real-world range performance for the Cybertruck.

Source: EVMagz

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