Apple May Introduce Visual Refresh Inspired by visionOS in iOS 18


Apple Inc., known for its incremental design updates to the iOS operating system powering iPhones, is rumored to be considering a more significant visual overhaul with the upcoming iOS 18 release. While the most recent notable redesign was seen in iOS 16 with its customizable Lock Screen, speculation suggests that iOS 18 might draw inspiration from visionOS, the operating system utilized in Apple's Vision Pro headset.

An unverified rumor, as reported by The Verifier, hints at the integration of visual elements from visionOS into iOS 18. visionOS, although bearing similarities to iOS, presents a distinct aesthetic characterized by rounder shapes, shadows, and a layered visual approach achieved through floating, overlapping windows.

The Verifier's report highlights the recent update to the Apple TV app in tvOS 17.2, which showcases a new floating sidebar design reminiscent of layouts seen in visionOS applications. However, it's important to note that The Verifier's track record in predicting Apple-related developments has been mixed, adding a speculative nature to this rumor.

Additionally, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman previously suggested that iOS 18 would bring "ambitious changes," although it remains uncertain whether these changes primarily focus on interface updates or incorporate new AI-powered functionalities.

Apple has historically maintained distinct design languages across its various operating systems. For example, iOS has not fully embraced rounded icons or pronounced shadows seen in watchOS or macOS. Therefore, while the possibility of a design shift inspired by visionOS exists, it might be more plausible to see such changes reflected in tvOS, given the larger screen format of the Apple TV that accommodates visual layouts with greater depth and layering.

Alongside discussions of potential design modifications, speculation surrounds the inclusion of AI features in iOS 18. Notably, competitors such as Samsung and Google have made strides in this area, with other Android brands following suit. Apple's position in this evolving landscape remains of interest, and updates regarding iOS 18's development will be closely monitored.

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