Apple Reportedly Set to Introduce AI Tool for Code Completion


According to Bloomberg's report on Thursday, Apple is purportedly preparing to unveil an artificial intelligence tool aimed at assisting developers in completing lines of software code. 

This tool is said to bear similarities to Microsoft's Copilot, capable of filling in lines and blocks of code based on the initial parts typed by a developer. Sources suggest that Apple may integrate this feature into its Xcode software platform as soon as this year.

Xcode, provided by Apple at no cost to software developers, imposes a yearly fee of $99 for app submission to its app stores.

In addition to the code completion tool, Bloomberg's report indicates that Apple has plans to incorporate other AI-driven features across its product lineup. These may include automatic playlist generation for Apple Music and slide deck creation within its business presentation software.

Furthermore, the report suggests that an updated iteration of Apple's "Spotlight" search function could offer enhanced capabilities, potentially delving deeper into applications to facilitate control over specific features.

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