Google Unifies AI Efforts under "Gemini" Brand

Google made a significant announcement recently, consolidating all of its artificial intelligence (AI) endeavors under a single umbrella name—Gemini. This rebranding encompasses various AI initiatives, including the former AI chatbot known as Bard, which is now integrated into Gemini, along with the introduction of a standalone Android app.

Last year, Google had announced plans to enhance Android's default Assistant with AI capabilities under the service named "Assistant with Bard." However, with the rebranding of Bard to Gemini, questions arose regarding the fate of the Assistant's AI services.

In response to these inquiries, Google clarified to Android Authority that Gemini on Android is the realization of the experience intended for Assistant with Bard.

According to a spokesperson from Google, the core vision remains unchanged—to develop a comprehensive AI assistant that is conversational, multimodal, and helpful. With Gemini, Google aims to advance this vision further, leveraging its enhanced capabilities to provide more profound and meaningful assistance to users. The technology enables Google to expand beyond previous limitations and facilitate collaboration directly with its AI on mobile devices.

In essence, the functionalities envisioned for "Assistant with Bard" are now fully integrated into Gemini for Android.

Google has already initiated the transition, making Gemini the default Assistant on Android devices upon downloading the app from the Play Store. However, users still retain the option to revert to the previous Assistant version through settings.

Confident in Gemini's potential to power the AI capabilities of Assistant going forward, Google has retired the "Assistant with Bard" name permanently.

As Google continues to streamline its AI efforts under the Gemini brand, users can expect enhanced AI-driven experiences across its platforms. Stay updated with Reuters for further developments on this integration.

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