Japan's Ruling Party Plans New Law to Regulate Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Japan's ruling party is poised to propose the implementation of a new law regulating generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies within 2024, as reported by the Nikkei business daily on Thursday. In response to concerns regarding AI-related issues such as disinformation and rights infringement, the Liberal Democratic Party's AI project team intends to draft preliminary regulations, including punitive measures, targeting foundation model developers like Microsoft-backed OpenAI, according to the Nikkei.

The move by Japan's ruling party reflects a growing global trend towards the regulation of AI technologies. Earlier this month, the European Union took steps towards adopting rules governing the use of AI models, with EU countries endorsing a political agreement reached in December. Furthermore, governments in other major economies such as the United States and China are also exploring regulatory frameworks to address the challenges posed by AI technology.

As the development and deployment of AI continue to expand, policymakers worldwide are increasingly focusing on the need for comprehensive regulations to safeguard against potential risks and ensure ethical use. Japan's initiative underscores the country's commitment to addressing emerging challenges in the AI landscape and promoting responsible innovation in this rapidly evolving field. 

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