Lucid Motors Designer Envisions Electric Luxury SUV Inspired by Saab

A Lucid Motors senior exterior designer, Grimaud Gervex, has captured attention with his imaginative renderings of a potential all-electric luxury SUV under the now-defunct Saab brand. Dubbed the "Saab Rover," the concept reflects Gervex's admiration for Saab's aviation legacy, translating it into a sleek and aerodynamic design suited for electric vehicles (EVs).

Inspired by Saab's aircraft manufacturing heritage, the Saab Rover concept embodies a minimalist aesthetic akin to Lucid's design philosophy seen in the Gravity model, featuring clean lines and gloss black accents. The design incorporates a wraparound windshield, contributing to a visually striking floating roof effect, while the faux grille area is delineated by subtle pinstripe-thin accents and slim headlights.

At the rear, the design accentuates a fastback-like silhouette, reminiscent of Saab's past models, with a nod to the PhoeniX concept car of 2011. Despite its unconventional appearance, the design prioritizes style over practicality, evident in elements such as the rear window and roof box.

While Gervex focused on exterior design, the absence of a cabin concept invites enthusiasts to envision a modern interior, potentially reminiscent of fighter jet-style displays. Reflecting on Saab's history, Gervex highlights missed opportunities for the brand to capitalize on trends like the SUV segment, citing the previous Saab 9-7X as an example of unmet potential.

Despite past setbacks and ownership changes, including acquisition by a Chinese conglomerate in 2012 and subsequent developments, such as a partnership announcement with Koenigsegg in 2019, the fate of Saab remains uncertain. Currently under new ownership from Canada, the brand's future hangs in the balance, leaving enthusiasts to reminisce about what could have been.



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