Meta Platforms to Implement Apple's 30% Service Charge for Boosted Posts on Facebook and Instagram iOS Apps

Meta Platforms announced on Thursday that businesses purchasing a "boost" for their posts on the iOS versions of its social media apps Facebook and Instagram would now incur an additional 30% service charge imposed by app store operator Apple.

According to Meta, advertisers seeking to boost their content on Instagram and Facebook can circumvent the Apple service charges by utilizing a browser interface.

The updated App Store guidelines, introduced by Apple in 2022, have prompted Meta to initiate changes, starting this month in the United States, with plans to extend the fee to other markets later in the year.

While a Meta spokesperson refrained from commenting on the potential material impact of the change, the company expressed its necessity to adhere to Apple's guidelines or risk the removal of boosted posts from its apps.

In a statement, Meta emphasized its reluctance to eliminate the ability to boost posts, citing concerns over the adverse effects on small businesses and their promotional capabilities.

Under the revised system, advertisers boosting posts on iOS will be billed directly by Apple, with payments required in advance rather than after the ads run.

Boosted posts, a product offered by Meta to businesses for promoting content on Facebook and Instagram, without the need for a campaign through Ads Manager, will now entail Apple-imposed charges.

Apple defended its stance, stating that boosting, as a digital service, necessitates In-App Purchase, emphasizing that this requirement has always been in place and highlighting successful examples of apps adhering to this model.

However, Apple noted that Meta customers can still utilize a separate standalone app, "Meta Ads Manager," to pay for ad campaigns without incurring commissions to Apple, as the app falls under an exemption for advertising campaign management applications.

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