Qualcomm Seeks Samsung for 2 nm Smartphone SoC Amidst Rumors of Chip Dual-Sourcing

In a recent report from Etnews, it has been revealed that Qualcomm is in discussions with Samsung Foundry to manufacture a 2 nm System-on-Chip (SoC) for smartphones utilizing its SF2 node. According to information from a reputable leaker known as X, the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 5 for Galaxy devices is expected to be produced on this process, while the standard Snapdragon 8 Gen 5 will utilize TSMC's N3P node.

Earlier rumors had suggested Qualcomm's intention to utilize Samsung Foundry's advanced nodes for flagship chips. However, subsequent reports indicated an exclusive partnership with TSMC's N3E node for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, dispelling notions of dual-sourcing. The latest report from Etnews indicates a partial validation of these earlier rumors, hinting at Qualcomm's collaboration with Samsung for its 2025 flagship chip.

Reportedly, Qualcomm has requested Samsung to fabricate a smartphone Application Processor (AP) using its 2 nm SF2 node. Samsung's roadmap suggests that the process, incorporating GAA MBCFET (Gate-All-Around Multi-Bridge-Channel Field Effect Transistor) technology, is slated for mass production in 2025. This development follows the anticipated release of the Exynos 2500 on Samsung's current-gen 3GAP node, with its successor, the Exynos 2600, also planned for the SF2 node.

Sources familiar with the matter have disclosed to Etnews that Qualcomm is also engaging with TSMC for its 2 nm chips. TSMC's roadmap outlines the readiness of its 2 nm GAAFET-based N2 node by 2025, although initial availability could be constrained due to high demand, particularly from key players like Apple. This situation might compel Qualcomm to explore older nodes like N4P for its 2025 offerings, potentially delaying the release of the 2 nm SoC to 2026 if TSMC's capacity is insufficient.

Notably, prominent leaker @Tech_Reve speculates that the mystery chip in question is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 5. They suggest that while the Snapdragon 8 Gen 5 for Galaxy will be manufactured by Samsung Foundry, the standard version will utilize TSMC's N3P node. It is rumored that the SF2 node has been customized for Qualcomm, akin to TSMC's adaptation of its 4N node for Nvidia's Ada Lovelace GPUs. Such customization could potentially provide the Snapdragon 8 Gen 5 for Galaxy with a competitive advantage over its standard counterpart, potentially leading to market differentiation akin to the Chipgate scandal.

Source: Etnews

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