Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Hands-On Video Reveals Features Ahead of Official Launch


After months of speculation and numerous leaks, a comprehensive hands-on video has surfaced, offering a detailed look at Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker. The video, released by user @WiggetaGaming, captures the device on display in a retail store exhibit, providing visitors with an opportunity to test it out firsthand.

The Galaxy Fit 3 boasts a wider 1.6-inch screen and easily replaceable straps, offering users greater customization options. Available in two colors—gray and white—the device aligns with earlier leaks and rumors that have circulated for nearly two years. Notably absent, however, is the pink variant previously promised by Samsung in its announcements.

While details surrounding the release date and pricing remain elusive, the device has already made its way to retail stores, with reports indicating a price tag of TZS 250,000 in Tanzania, approximately $100/€90/£80. This move comes amidst a flurry of leaks and information dumps, leaving the community eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

The hands-on video corroborates previous leaks, showcasing the Galaxy Fit 3's sleek design reminiscent of Apple's aesthetic. Despite its smartwatch-like interface, Samsung has emphasized that the device is primarily a fitness tracker and does not support third-party apps or offer the sophistication of Wear OS. Omissions such as NFC for contactless payments and GPS are to be expected, considering the device's positioning below the Galaxy Watch 6 in terms of pricing and features.

With a larger screen size and improved resolution compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Fit 3 promises enhanced usability and readability for users. Additional features highlighted in the documentation include a 13-day battery life with fast charging, fall detection, and an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance.

However, the premature shipment of the device to stores raises questions about Samsung's release strategy, particularly in the absence of an official launch date. As anticipation builds, the possibility of full-length reviews and real-world tests ahead of the device's formal introduction remains uncertain.

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