Unveiling a Unique Transformation: Tesla Cybertruck Equipped with Snow Tracks


As Tesla Cybertruck deliveries gain momentum across the United States, enthusiasts are witnessing the emergence of heavily modified examples, with one particularly striking creation grabbing attention.

Instagram personality Dave Sparks, renowned for his penchant for outfitting vehicles with snow tracks, has teased his latest project, showcasing images of a uniquely transformed Tesla Cybertruck.

While details regarding the modifications remain sparse, Sparks has offered a glimpse of his creation, highlighting its alignment with the distinctive shape of the tracks. However, specific alterations beyond the installation of snow tracks are yet to be disclosed, leaving enthusiasts intrigued about the extent of the transformation.

The Cybertruck variant used as the base for the modification—whether a dual-motor all-wheel-drive model or the high-performance tri-motor Cyberbeast—has not been confirmed by Sparks.

For reference, the mid-range Cybertruck All-Wheel Drive model boasts a dual-motor setup generating 447kW of power and an impressive 10,080Nm of torque. Notably, these figures represent system outputs, with the torque likely referring to wheel torque rather than motor torque. The estimated range for this variant stands at 547km, while the inclusion of a "Range Extender" extends its capabilities to over 755km.

In comparison, the flagship Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast variant features a tri-motor configuration, delivering a formidable 630kW of power and a staggering 13,959Nm of torque. Despite its potent performance, the estimated range for the Cyberbeast model is slightly lower at 515km, with the "Range Extender" option pushing its boundaries to over 705km.

However, the addition of snow tracks to the modified Cybertruck is anticipated to impact its range negatively, albeit the extent of this reduction remains unspecified.

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