Logitech Unveils New MX for Mac Lineup, Featuring MX Anywhere 3S and MX Keys S

Logitech has announced its latest additions to the MX for Mac product lineup, including the MX Anywhere 3S for Mac and MX Keys S for Mac. These new offerings are positioned as high-performance peripherals designed to enhance productivity and user experience on Apple's macOS platform.

According to Logitech, the MX Keys S for Mac is touted as the 'ultimate productivity keyboard', offering comfortable and precise typing. The keyboard features an updated dedicated Mac layout with 'smarter illumination', providing users with a seamless and efficient typing experience. Additionally, the MX Keys S for Mac retains Logitech's Smart Actions functionality, allowing users to customize key functions through the Logi Option+ app.

The MX Keys S for Mac is designed to last up to 10 days between charges with backlighting enabled, or up to 5 months with backlighting turned off. For users looking for a complete solution, Logitech offers the MX Keys S Combo for Mac, which includes the MX Master 3S for Mac and MX Palm Rest, providing a comprehensive and ergonomic typing and mousing experience.

In addition to the MX Keys S for Mac, Logitech has also introduced the MX Anywhere 3S for Mac, featuring an 8,000 DPI sensor with 'ultra-fast scrolling' and 'quiet clicks'. This compact and portable mouse is designed to deliver precision and efficiency for Mac users on the go.

For those interested in a more compact keyboard option, the MX Keys Mini for Mac is now available in a new Space Grey color option. This compact keyboard offers the same premium typing experience as its larger counterpart but in a more compact form factor.

The new MX for Mac products are now available for purchase in the US, with the MX Anywhere 3S for Mac priced at $79.99, the MX Keys Mini for Mac at $99.99, the MX Keys S for Mac at $109.99, and the MX Keys S Combo for Mac at $199.99. These products are expected to appeal to Mac users looking for high-quality peripherals that are optimized for use with macOS.

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