Anticipated Cybertruck Reviews to Debut on Release Date, Highlighting Manual Frunk Hood Reveal in Top Gear Test

Hermosa Beach, California recently witnessed the filming of Cybertruck footage, raising the expectations of an impending Tesla Cybertruck advertisement. However, it turns out that the scenes being captured were for a review, not an advertisement, as previously anticipated. The revelation came from none other than Top Gear's Jack Rix, who confirmed that they were in the process of shooting a comprehensive review of the highly-anticipated Cybertruck.

When questioned about his connection with Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, who was recently spotted driving a Cybertruck with a distinctive white leather interior, Jack Rix clarified, "I don't know Elon Musk, I'm doing a review of the Cybertruck. I work for Top Gear." With this statement, he dispelled any rumors of a personal relationship with Musk and emphasized the professional nature of the review.

The footage captured during this review also provided a glimpse into the Cybertruck's inner workings. A manual pop of the Cybertruck's hood revealed the interior of the front trunk (frunk), complete with illuminating lights and the Cybertruck's logo on the bucket liner.

It appears that Top Gear is among the select group of "industry influencers" rumored to have received early access to the Cybertruck. Tesla has adopted a unique approach for the Cybertruck's release, reportedly shipping 5-6 units to showroom floors on day one and delivering embargoed units to these "influencers" for review ahead of the official release date. This strategy is reminiscent of how new smartphones are introduced to the market.

Even Tesla employees are part of this early delivery schedule and have been given the option to choose between the dual- or tri-motor versions of the Cybertruck. Elon Musk himself hinted at a "Performance" Cybertruck model, potentially referring to the top-tier tri-motor variant. He also suggested that the Cybertruck, in "Beast" mode, could accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds.

However, the precise pricing of the Cybertruck remains somewhat elusive. Industry insiders and influencers have reportedly been given a price range in the "mid to high 70s." It remains unclear whether this figure pertains to the base dual-motor Cybertruck or the more powerful tri-motor Performance version.

With Top Gear, an entity that has had a mixed history with Tesla in terms of new vehicle reviews, participating in the early promotional efforts, it's expected that an array of Cybertruck reviews will emerge soon after Elon Musk takes the stage at the November 30 release event at Giga Texas. This development promises to shed further light on what the Cybertruck has to offer and how it fares in the eyes of experts and enthusiasts alike.

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