Google Pixel Smartphones Get Over 30 Enhancements in the Latest Beta Build

Google has unveiled the Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2.2, following closely on the heels of Beta 2.1. This latest release comes packed with more enhancements and fixes than its numerical iteration might suggest. Among the notable changes, Google has taken steps to rectify a pink text problem observed on some Pixel 8 Pro units while in always-on display (AOD) mode, as detailed in a forum post.

The Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2.2 weighs in at approximately 40 MB for an over-the-air (OTA) download. Google has also assured that all Pixel devices currently running Beta 2.1 will receive the updated Beta 2.2 in the coming days. For those who prefer a clean slate, the company has made factory images available.

In addition to these improvements, Google has integrated the October 2023 security patches, given the unavailability of November equivalents at the time of writing. This signifies that Android 14 QPR1 remains on course for a stable release next month across the entire range of Google's Pixel devices, commencing with the Pixel 5a.

Looking ahead, it is expected that Google will introduce a Beta 3 public beta before the final rollout of Android 14 QPR1 for all eligible smartphones, as anticipated by industry experts at 9to5Google.

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