Garmin Enhances Edge 540, Edge 840, and Edge 1040 Bike Computers with Public Beta Update 19.13

Garmin, a prominent name in the world of GPS and fitness technology, has rolled out Public Beta Version 19.13 for its Edge 540, Edge 840, and Edge 1040 bike computers. This update introduces notable improvements in the realm of smart notifications and addresses various weather-related concerns. Notably, this release follows a non-standard beta rollout process, requiring specific installation instructions.

The Garmin Edge 540, Edge 840, and Edge 1040 bike computers are now equipped with Public Beta Update 19.13, bringing a valuable addition to their capabilities. With this update, these devices now support smart notifications featuring embedded images. Users can now view images shared within notifications, enhancing the overall user experience.

Additionally, Garmin has been diligent in resolving several weather-related issues with Beta Update 19.13. The update rectifies an anomaly in the weather widget and event details page, where the weather icon was previously truncated. Furthermore, a concern regarding the temperature units provided for forecasts beyond a week has been addressed, along with an issue pertaining to wind speed information displayed on the weather forecast page.

It's important to note that this beta release is currently in a pre-rollout phase, necessitating manual installation over a Wi-Fi connection. To initiate the installation process, users should navigate to the Main Menu, select System, and choose About, followed by Check For Updates. After downloading, users may need to select Software Update 19.13 to trigger the installation process. Garmin encourages users to report any issues they encounter in the dedicated Bug Reports section of the forum. As of the latest information available, no specific bugs associated with version 19.13 have been reported. Interested individuals can participate in the Beta Program through Garmin Connect.

Garmin's commitment to enhancing user experience and addressing issues underscores its dedication to providing high-quality products and services in the realm of fitness technology.

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