Tesla Cybertruck Chief Designer Spotted in Matte Black Wrap, Hints at Customization Options

Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla's Chief Designer, was spotted driving a black-wrapped Cybertruck in Santa Monica. The appearance of this sleek, matte black Cybertruck has ignited speculation about the possibility of factory wrap options for the iconic electric pickup.

The sighting took place at the Santa Monica Teslas & Coffee event and was captured by Adam C, known as @AtomAntEater on the Tesla enthusiast forum, X. While the choice of matte black may reflect von Holzhausen's personal preference, it also raises the prospect of Tesla offering wrapping options for the Cybertruck, much like the premium color wraps available for the Model 3 and Model Y, which are priced between $7,500 and $8,000.

One of the unique challenges with the Cybertruck lies in its original stainless steel exterior, which cannot be easily painted. As a result, not everyone may be enamored with the stainless steel color or the prospect of owning a vehicle identical in appearance to other Cybertruck owners. Offering factory wraps could potentially open the door to a new level of personalization and individuality for Cybertruck buyers.

The question that arises is when this option might become available. Some speculations suggest that factory wrap choices could emerge a few months after the Cybertruck's scheduled launch on November 30th. However, details concerning color options and pricing remain uncertain. Given the size and unique design of the Cybertruck, it is conceivable that wrapping this electric pickup could carry a higher cost, potentially exceeding $10,000. Moreover, the distinctive lines and angular surfaces of the Cybertruck may pose both opportunities and challenges for applying wraps.

As the excitement builds around the potential for factory wraps, Tesla enthusiasts and potential buyers are left wondering about the colors and customization options that will be available for the Cybertruck. Whether it's the timeless matte black or other unique shades, the prospect of personalizing this innovative electric pickup has taken center stage, adding a new dimension to the Cybertruck's allure.

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