Fisker Nears Completion of Amazon Alexa Integration for Ocean's In-Vehicle Infotainment

Credit: Fisker

Fisker advancing towards the final phase of integrating Amazon Alexa Auto into its in-vehicle infotainment system. The move comes as the company successfully completes security certification, a crucial step in ensuring compliance with automotive cybersecurity regulations.

Partnering with Argus Cyber Security, Fisker has taken proactive measures to address cybersecurity concerns associated with internet-connected devices. Argus, recognized as the first automotive-focused security vendor certified by Amazon, has played a pivotal role in facilitating Fisker's adherence to security standards through real-time threat analysis and risk mitigation.

This collaborative effort has culminated in Fisker obtaining security certification for the integration of Amazon Alexa within the Fisker Ocean, marking significant progress towards the deployment of Alexa fleet-wide. Notably, Argus served as an authorized security lab for Alexa Auto integrations, providing independent security assessments to ensure compliance with all requisite security requirements.

The integration of Amazon Alexa holds promise for Fisker Ocean owners, offering a range of intelligent voice AI functionalities aimed at enhancing the driving experience. These capabilities encompass tasks such as making calls, sending messages, streaming music, navigating, and controlling various vehicle functions—all while prioritizing driver safety by minimizing distractions.

Initial glimpses of the Alexa Auto integration were provided during test drives of the Fisker Ocean in Graz, Austria, in November 2022. Subsequent disclosures by Fisker have revealed that the Alexa assistant, equipped with control over vehicle functions, will be featured in the upcoming Ocean OS 3.00 software version. This update is anticipated to be rolled out to Fisker's fleet of connected vehicles as early as March 2024.

While the functionality of Alexa was limited during recent demonstrations, observers were nonetheless impressed by the prospect of seamlessly integrating Amazon's voice assistant into the Fisker Ocean, offering convenience and innovation to drivers.

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